6 Things Healthy Relationships Have in Common

Every relationship is different. With the vast range of personalities, interests, dating styles, theories of love, and experiences out there it’s important to realize what works for your relationships and what makes you happy, isn’t going to necessarily work for the next person. That being said, the idea of what makes a relationship healthy and fulfilling is something worth exploring. And by looking into what the different kinds of healthy relationships out there have in common, can help us understand what to strive for in our own.Relationships Relationships Relationships Relationships Relationships

Your relationship may be different in many ways from another person’s, but there are some core values that should match up.

Here are a few things to look for that healthy relationships have in common:

1. You feel safe.

Safety, whether in a relationship or not, is something that should not be compromised. Your safety and the safety of your partner is vital. If you’re in a relationship where you feel comfortable speaking your mind, discussing your needs, and being honest without fear of repercussions, your relationship health is strong. Naturally, there are tough subjects for anyone to bring up in any kind of relationship, but if you feel like you won’t be harmed emotionally or physically, that’s most important.Relationships Relationships Relationships Relationships Relationships

2. You respect one another.

There are plenty of couples who love one another, but are lacking a mutual respect. If you find yourself rolling your eyes at your partner’s choice of career, hobby, friends, or anything else, you may want to ask yourself why. (And vice versa.) Respect is so important to both give and receive, but the truth is, you will not live your life fully respecting everyone you encounter. If you don’t feel respected by your partner, or you don’t respect him or her back, your relationship may need a bit of work to regain that aspect of health.

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