7 Common Problems With Communication in Relationships

For any relationship to flourish, it requires a great deal of time and commitment from both people. Putting in the work and showing up is one thing, but without communication, you won’t be able to move forward.

Communication is the key to any functional, healthy, and happy relationship. The trouble is, everyone communicates differently, and if you don’t understand how your partner communicates and learn to work in harmony with that, you’ll end up having unnecessary arguments.Relationships Relationships Relationships Relationships Relationships

The good news is, most communication problems can easily be solved with a few simple but effective tweaks. Here are some of the most common problems with communication in relationships, and how you can solve them starting today.Relationships Relationships Relationships Relationships Relationships

Not spending enough quality time listening to each other.

Technology definitely helps make our lives more convenient, and makes it easier to stay connected to the people we care about. But along with phones, the internet, and social media, some of us have become increasingly distracted and glued to screens. Almost everyone is guilty of being with their partner, who’s trying to have a conversation with us, while we’re only half listening as we scroll through our Facebook feed.Relationships Relationships Relationships Relationships Relationships

You can’t do both, and your partner will end up feeling frustrated and unheard. Next time you’re having a conversation, be fully present. Listen when your partner is speaking, unplug, sign off, and give them your undivided attention. They’ll feel much more appreciated, and you’ll actually hear what they’re saying—it’s a win win.

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