7 Foreign Electric Cars That Would Sell Like Hotcakes In The U.S.

BYD Tang

BYD Tang is one of the foreign electric cars we'd like to see in the US

The BYD Tang is a plug-in hybrid SUV that could evoke America’s need for more electric cars on the road. The Tang could comfortably replace many expensive cars in Europe whose range don’t match the price tags. The BYD Tang’s range, for instance, is 50 miles on electric charge alone. The hybrid costs $48,000. It has a powerful torque of 500 horsepower and a sprint of 60 miles per hour in five seconds flat. This car beats a Corvette by far.

Renault ZOE

Renault ZOE

The original Nissan Leaf happens to be an all-time favorite electric sedan among American buyers. The good news is that the Renault ZOE has doubled the range of the original Leaf and comes with a relatively fair price. Renault-Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn launched the new model at the Paris Motor Show. Renault ZOE gives you a range of 186 miles of electric charge. Guaranteed to give the Chevy Bolt EV a run for its money, the Renault ZOE will hit the market in November this year.

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