8 of the Best 2020 Electric Cars You Should Know

It would seem that the age of electric cars is finally upon us as every automaker that wants to be taken seriously is planning on heavily electrifying its lineup during the next decade. Some of them will go as far as to offer more electric and hybrid than conventional models by the time everything is said and done. In fact, projections show that battery-powered cars could account for more than 20 percent of new cars in the U.S. by 2030. All this considered, the number of upcoming hybrid and electric cars for MY 2020 is quite significant. Here, we’ll take a peek at what the best upcoming 2020 electric cars might be. We’ll only consider conventional cars this time (sedans, hatchbacks, coupes, roadsters, and wagons), as the best hybrid and electric SUVs and crossovers 2020 will bring our way are covered in a separate article. Furthermore, we won’t shy away from including a hypercar or two as well.

2020 Polestar 2

Volvo’s performance division is asserting candidacy for becoming a brand of its own. They’re planning on introducing no fewer than four all-new models by the time 2020 is over. The first of them – aptly named Polestar 1 – should roll off the factory lines in early 2019, whereas the second one is scheduled to arrive later on as a 2020-year model. What they’re lacking in names, the Polestars should deliver in quality and performance. Unlike the exorbitantly expensive Polestar 1 hybrid sports coupe, the Polestar 2 should slot right in with the Tesla Model 3 and start from around $40,000 before the incentives. It well-enough presumes to become one of the best all-electric 2020 electric cars on the market and we can’t wait to see the weight it punches at.

The compact all-electric sedan will pose a serious threat to the Tesla Model 3. Not only will it be similarly priced, but it’ll sport as much as 350 miles of range while adding around 400 horsepower into the mix. Those are the initial specs of the more advanced models which should cost as much as $60,000, however. The model with smaller battery specifications still hasn’t been disclosed. The final product should draw inspiration from the Volvo 40.2 Concept unveiled in 2016. In any case, it will be built on their Compact Modular Architecture platform (CMA). Although most people don’t associate the Polestar brand with its parent company immediately, everyone can see that the Swedes are finally catching up with the big players in the luxury car market. After the latest XC90 and S90 have finally pushed their luxury and quality to another level, the Polestars should position them as one of the major players on the EV market.

Volvo 40.2 Concept should preview the upcoming Polestar 2 electric car

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