8 Volunteer Adventure Trips That Make a Difference

Do you crave adventure year round? Thinking you want to travel abroad AND make a tangible difference in the world? If your answer is yes, then read on to see how you can have a meaningful and wonderful adventure with volunteer trips abroad! When you volunteer abroad, you are offering your services to communities around the world who otherwise might not receive the help they need. What better way to put those coveted vacation days to good use? Take a look at these eight exciting volunteer adventure trips that allow you to give back while being your most adventurous self.Adventure Travel Adventure Travel Adventure Travel Adventure Travel Adventure Travel

1. Into the Lion’s Den

Number one on the list of ultimate volunteer trips abroad has to be working with lions in Africa. Based in a number of countries, volunteers can spend two to four weeks helping to rear cubs and reintroduce healthy, full grown lions to the wild. Not only do you get to spend a few weeks living on the wild side, you get to help the king of the jungle out, too.Adventure Travel Adventure Travel Adventure Travel Adventure Travel Adventure Travel

Suggested Program:

  • African Impact – Volunteers in this program work alongside researchers and wildlife foundations in South Africa to better the lives of lions (and other animals in the “African Big 5”). You will monitor data, sweep the game reserves for traps and other materials from poachers, and of course, working with the lions and their cubs.

Young lion in South Africa

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