Amazing 12 Outrageously Weird and Futuristic Autonomous and Electric Concept Cars You Should Know

Rinspeed Ʃtos

The Swiss-made Rinspeed Ʃtos is an autonomous hybrid car with its own separate and fully controllable rear-mounted drone. As futuristic and aggressive as it is, no one can deny it its car-like presence. But that drone really pushes the Ʃtos into a whole new territory. As you can imagine, its interior is fully adjusted for both conventional driving and drone flying. Dual 21.5-inch curved display screens, a camera system and active eye-tracking (camera is on only when the driver looks at the screen) take care of that. The drone itself can scout ahead, shoot selfies of the Ʃtos from on high or simply serve as a rear message board.

Electric Concept Cars - Rinspeed Ʃtos Rear 3/4

Electric Concept Cars - Rinspeed Ʃtos Interior

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