Byton Electric SUV Promised for 2019 is Loaded with Smart Tech

As competitions sours in the Electric Vehicle markets, with each manufacturer trying to find something to distinguish itself from competitions, we have continued to see diverse and interesting EV concepts. It’s with that in mind that Byton, a startup from China isn’t taking any chances. It has promised to launch an SUV that is fully powered by electricity in 2019, with an initial price of around $45,000. Unlike EVs from other manufacturers, theirs will not be using the amount of power the car can derive from its batteries as the marketing advantage. Instead, Byton Electric SUV Promised for 2019 is Loaded with Tech. It’s will essentially be a “smartcar.”

According to Byton, theirs will be a smartphone no wheels, which will make its stand out as a car based on connectivity rather than just mobility based on electric power. The motivation behind their car is that we are heading to a future where horsepower will not be as important as technology that supports the operation of a car. According to Byton’s president Daniel Kirchert, who is also Byton’s co-founder, Apple inspires him a lot more than Tesla does.

In regular cars, we have a traditional dashboard with basic display of parameters that give you the state of your car, and recently a small screen that displays navigation information as well a screen that helps you to park it. Byton has replaced that arrangement with one long digital screen measuring 49-inches. It’s through this screen that the person sitting at the driver’s seat and the front passenger seat are able to communicate with the driver.

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