Can LeEco Really Compete With Tesla in Electric Cars?

LeEco is a Chinese electronics company that is probably best known for the smartphones and televisions that they make. Now the company is backing another automaker located in Gardena. That company is called Faraday Future, and it is responsible for the unveiling of its initial mainstream model car recently in Beijing. It is an amazingly sleek electric sedan with four suicide doors and they call it the LeSEE (pronounced the same as “lessee”). It is being touted as the “Tesla Killer” and, in case you’re wondering, the “SEE” in LeSEE is an acronym that stands for “Super Electronic Ecosystem Plan”.

In spite of the fact that the release of an actual production vehicle may still be a while now, there has been a great deal of buzz generated since the vehicle’s origins some 18 months ago. During that time period, the company has burgeoned to approximately 750 worldwide employees. In addition, the LeSEE is said to be a potential Tesla rival. And, according to the Senior V.P. of R&D at Faraday, the initial production car will most definitely be a premium product at a premium price.

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