Faraday Future Unveils its First Electric Car

Automobile companies have been increasing their production of electric cars since 2008. As concern for the environment, oil prices, and greenhouse gas emissions have continued to grow, so has the number of electric cars on the road. Several local and national governments have even established incentives to the public, to buy electric by offering tax credits, subsidies and other incentives. Automakers know the demand for electric cars has been on the rise, with the biggest increases since 2008. This has put automakers in a competitive mode, and each determined to design and produce the most innovative and in-demand electric car.

As of 2015, there were more than over 30 different models of electric passenger cars that were street legal, that’s because nearly every well-known automaker has produced at least one model of an electric car. Now there is a newcomer to the auto industry and its name is Faraday Future. The company is known for only one car, and it’s electric.

What is an electric car?

Electric cars don’t run on internal combustion engines, but rather, they are propelled by an electric motor, some have two, and must use electrical energy from a rechargeable battery or another energy storage device. Electric cars accelerate quickly and smoothly due to the instantaneous torque they get from the electric motor. They’re also much more efficient than internal combustion built cars; about three times as efficient, to be exact.

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